Friday, June 13, 2008

A Reason to Stay

Sound the alarm, ring the bells, bring out our finest Chinaware…I just won something! Hah! And they said I wasn’t lucky. Now, I have an answer when someone asks me why I’m still putting up with my job…that, my dears, is because I won my dream parking slot. Yeah!

Not bad after two tries. Actually, the results went out last week and I wasn’t included in the roster, so surprise surprise this morning when I opened my mailbox and found this email from admin asking me to claim my parking badge. Err…right! Well, I got excited. I mean, I have been wanting this privilege ever since I started working in our company, and now I finally got it. That’s three months of free parking--very, very grateful.

The ironic thing is there are two loopholes on this happiness that I’m feeling. First, gasoline prices are killing everyone literally--be it vehicle owners or commuters, no one’s really exempted. The other, is because of my so-called “lifestyle.” Like I said, the family is out to get me and their leader, Mum, being the shifty parent that she is, decided to impound my car and prohibited me from using it until all repairs and fixtures are done. (Hence, the creepy note on the mirror thing) Right! Like that will stop me. Oh, anyway, I’m just really glad with this blessing. Tomorrow’s Friday the 13th, and let me just say, my luck’s extra good-y when it’s Friday the 13th. Oh yeah, I don’t believe in luck, but that’s another story. (--,)


Kadz said...

Congrats! And the parking lot is uncannily empty. I guess because of the fuel prices that commuters would rather use public transpo or the company is just kuripot. Hehehe.

timeenutlatte said...

Yeah..I toldja! And remember the car beside me that I mentioned? Hehe. Now I know who owns it. [Evil Laugh]
I say the latter!
The news states that fuel prices may reach P70 per liter. Okay. Won't be surprised if chaos in the streets occurs. Tsk tsk.