Friday, May 30, 2008


I am going to do the impossible. Well, it’s not really impossible since I’ve done it last year and I’m still alive and kicking. But the withdrawal effects were hell. I am officially laying off caffeine. Yes, I said it. I am temporarily staying away from my happy solvent.

My tremors or shakiness is so apparent that people are already noticing and making fun of it. You cannot make me take pictures or else it’ll be all “Ring”-like. My nervous system’s all messed up from all the caffeine that it’s kinda already bothering me. You see, my average caffeine intakes goes like this: two mugs of coffee in the morning; one cup during first breaks; the occasional cup in the middle; two cups after dinner; and another mug before going to sleep. (Weird, coffee makes me sleepy!) And let’s not forget about my iced tea vice. I substitute iced tea for water. Good thing that I can’t drink that much when I’m in the office, but it’s a whole different story once I’m in the house. Two to three litters of iced tea carries me through the day. Bad, huh?

What can I do? I am that passionate and a sucker for caffeine-based beverages. It’s a good thing I completely stayed away from sodas and I don’t plan on going back to it anytime soon. Like I said, my shakiness is kinda worrying me so I decided to do the right thing. I am caffeine-sober for the past few days and I’m feeling extra okay. That’s good right? Now, I’m just waiting for the after effects of not having this anti-depressant chemical compound in me. May I be okay! (--,)


keem said...

Ahay. Good luck sa 'yo. =p

timeenutlatte said...

Yeah. Even if I don't believe in good lucks, methinks I'ma need ol' lady luck to make me stay away from this addiction. Ayun pala ang term: "addiction". Hehehe. It's back to OJ's and Swiss Miss for this dude. :-(

Johann said...

wow. i never got into that coffee thing. i just can't like the taste. but i'm addicted to fruit shakes and buko juice, and they're healthier.

Kadz said...

Really? No coffee at all? I couldn't live without coffee. I also drink a mug before I hit the covers, and it may sound weird, nakakatulog ako. Hehe.

I didn't notice that you were getting jittery and all that. B-)

timeenutlatte said...

Yeah! Well, went to Starbucks kanina because I dun wanna wait at the auto repair shop while they tune up and change oils and stuff. Hmm..maybe change the staying away from slowly removing it temporarily from my system.

Tawa kaya ng tawa sila kapag ako kumukuha ng pics. Tsk tsk.