Saturday, February 16, 2008

I'm Sick

I’m sick. Literally. This is the first sickness that got me this year. I’m not used to feeling under the weather. I may not look that healthy, but trust me, my antibodies are doing their jobs very well. I only get sick around two to three times, tops, a year. Except last year where I was diagnosed with different illnesses and I needed to undergo oral surgery. But other than that, I’m Superman.

I don’t like being sick. It makes me weak. Even my friends notice when I am sick. I’m not the usual giddy jerk that they’re so used to encounter daily. Serious me! Yuck! All those late night sleeping and not eating right finally caught up with me. I wanna blame my shift but then again, I’m loving it much. I’m the boss of me. Still, freedom versus health; that’s a tough one.

Any other reasons? No, I think the health abuse says it all. It’s not just illness, though. There’s another reason why I’m feeling down. When will you ever learn, Tim? Seriously, when? Then again, do you really ever learn if it’s inevitable? Question should be: “Do you even want to learn?” It’s just that, it’s very rare I open doors. I just did. No one’s out there. I thought there was. Wrong house though. Sorry.

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Kadz said...

Tapos nakuha mo pang magouting! Hehe.

timeenutlatte said...

Kads: Ewan ko sayo! Hah! Ikaw na pinipilit eh. Pero okay lang. Masaya naman. Napagtiyagaan din nila ako. Ako pa! Hehe. Sa Offline outing, you better come..or else!