Friday, February 29, 2008

Of Falling and Conquests

Seriously. Why does The Tim falls for individuals he shouldn’t be falling for? Is it because The Tim loves the feeling of challenge? Or possibly because he knows it’s worth the risk?

The Tim values his friends’ opinion and listens to what they think about his prospects. But isn’t it weird that all the girls The Tim likes make his friends thinking otherwise? Do they not know The Tim that well? It’s as if The Tim will select someone not worthy of, well, basically, of The Tim. If you really know The Tim, except for his PS family, there’s only one person that really set the bar on who should The Tim be involved with. Quite unfair, really. No one, and The Tim means NO ONE will ever compare to that ONE. But, when opportunities comes knocking at The Tim’s door, isn’t The Tim entitled to answer it? Or at least know who’s on the other side?

But The Tim’s friends are not so sure that he should. They think that he needs to achieve his Everest. Well, The Tim knows he will, someday, but in the meantime, while that “someday” is still far ahead, is he not entitled to entertain other conquests?

Just a thought, really. The Tim sounds obnoxious on this one, but that’s far from his intention. The Tim just wonders why people do not agree with his choices. The Tim still doesn’t have his answer to that question. Maybe because deep inside, he really doesn’t want commitments and he pursues those he knows will never give him the satisfaction of being hitched.


Kadz said...

Kung san ka masaya, suportahan ta ka. =P

Ma-Anne Escobar said...

"But isn’t it weird that all the girls The Tim likes make his friends thinking otherwise?"

wow! can relate. hehe. haven't fallen for someone my friends approved of.