Friday, February 29, 2008

February 2008

Most of the population of the known free world believes that February is the most romantic month of the year. It’s because Valentines Day falls under this month and we all know what that occasion is that for. I don’t really have a point there. I just can’t think of a good intro. I just want to summarize my February 2008 experience.

February started emotionally for everyone in the office. Most of the teams in our account got axed and we lost lots of our friends and colleagues as they were transferred to other accounts. I lost Talla as she resigned a couple of weeks back, together with many more who did not want to undergo training or just can’t stand doing calls. The first real blue moment of my corporate life.

But from all the chaos and bitterness that we’ve all gone through, people seemed to be taking it well. Not too well as there is still some bitterness in the air, but generally, they’re all right. Most of them are now finishing up their nesting periods and the first batch of those who got axed just graduated from their training and are now happily full-fledged travel agents. Very proud of them.

This month also played host to the departing of two teammates who was there in the beginning. Carl and Anna submitted their resignation letters and made it effective after a month’s time. Like I said, they’ve been there from the very beginning and losing two prominent original FTEs is a big blow to our team. Tsk tsk…so sad.

Losing teammates is one thing, but gaining new acquaintances is also worth mentioning. When the genocide happened, lots were affected but some people survived. And so, because there’re only a handful of us left, we were all seated together and the once oh-so-glorious account is just a shell of three clusters and six rows of seats. This is where my new acquaintances fall into. They were there longer than me but I never knew them as they were the news people, the serious ones. That’s where I was wrong. They are, at least what’s left of them, not that different from us. They’re okay and decent colleagues. Nice!

There was also this outing that I was invited in, which I won new friends and strengthen bonds with old ones. Probably the highlight of the month because it’s out of town, it’s overnight, I was with friends, I was with… yeah, that too, and I enjoyed it very much.

February also did something significant to me. My classic self once again made its way to the surface. Yes, I liked someone. Hmm, maybe two of them. But the point is, I once again ditched my defenses and welcomed the idea of being with someone. Then again, vulnerable me is no fun. At least I don’t think so. So I’m just keeping it steady and cool until now. No more late night binging and texting inappropriate mushy messages that you wish you didn’t do the next morning. Hah! I’m beyond that. Hahaha. But playing it safe will only get you so far. For the meantime, it’s my best course of action as I’m not sure if the damn thing is mutual.

Basically, February was bittersweet. It started out gloomy, picked up around its second week, became awesome in its third, and went steady as it concluded. And I didn’t even notice until today that this year’s a leap year and there are 29 days in February.


Kadz said...

Cool, you earned new friends, and have two love interests too! Hehe. What a mighty fine Feb you had.

timeenutlatte said...

Nyahahahaha. And I got to share it all with you, Sugar. Tsk tsk. You had an interesting Feb too, me thinks. Fab Feb for us then. Wahaha.