Monday, February 25, 2008

Bored Man

It’s Monday and I’m so bored. Someone used the computer all morning and my cousins are doing homework. I’m busy planning the outing on Saturday and I’m kinda pressured from all of it. Yet, I’m still bored. Gone are the days when I go to the mall on Mondays and just go on food trips or watch a movie. It’s too expensive now and I just don’t feel like watching by myself.

I finished up all the good chocolates in my mom’s stash in the fridge. I wanted donuts but it’s too expensive. I want the pricey kind. I’m too lazy to drive all the way to Bonifacio High Street just to purchase overpriced sugar treats. And, they’re too expensive. Sheesh.

It’s almost summer. You know that feeling when it’s almost summer? Like people are so hyped up and planning for the season, well, so am I, but still, something’s not right. Like something is missing. Doesn’t make sense, I know. But I’m feeling it. I wish I was back in school. Not only will I be ranting about final papers and projects, but I’d also be excited of summer vacation. Bah!

But still…I don’t wanna report to work tomorrow! I wanna go to the office but to just chat and exchange stories with friends and colleagues and see certain individuals. Go on one-hour coffee breaks and not stay in my station for more than 15 minutes. I don’t even want to see our data logs. Wow…this is a new level of feeling lethargic for me. Hehehe.

This could go on and on. When I’m practically doing nothing, all these dumb ideas come to mind worthy of writing. But I don’t want to. So that’s it. Anyway, I can always insert new paragraphs if I feel like it.


Kadz said...

At least you're becoming productive with your blogs. Hehe. Dami trabaho, but good thing more people are joining us.

timeenutlatte said...

Bleh. I guess. Hehehe. Dami pa din gagawin? Tsk tsk. Alam ko hindi tayo kasama sa mga madadagdagan. And..madaming hindi nag-avail dun sa "Return-to-Work" thing nila. Good for them. They have their principles! Yeee!!

nightsky said...

And..madaming hindi nag-avail dun sa "Return-to-Work" thing nila. Good for them. They have their principles! Yeee!!

So, does this mean we don't have ours..?

Timee said...

So, does this mean we don't have ours..?

No. I'm referring to just certain individuals. Kasi, andami ko nang narinig na negative things that they uttered about the account, and yet, at the first sign of "hope" kinain nila lahat ng mga sinabi nila.

Soree if I offended you or what. It was never my intention to do that. Kaw pa!

timeenutlatte said...

Pinahamak mo kay Kimberly, Kads! Ngayon ko lang napagtanto! Hmp! Hahaha.

nightsky said...

Bwahaha! Gotcha.