Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunday Scribbles V

February 10, 2008

City of Paris, France

Cliché, I know. And so? Lots of people wants to visit the City of Lights, the City of Romance. I want to visit it for its culture and heritage. And I want to experience sitting in one of those cafes, listening to French music, looking at busy people, and hopefully, experiencing it with someone special. Naks. Hehehe. Just like that film “Before Sunset.” Lots hated that movie, while I bought the original DVD. Even if it was just 2 hours of pure conversation between two people, they have shown Paris in all its majesty. Oh, and the fashion thing, definitely worth seeing.

City of Milan, Italy
(Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and Trevi Fountain, Rome)

With its rich tradition and sumptuous food, I shall never miss visiting Italy. One of those places-to-go-before-I-die thing. Again, for the historical background and the classical sense of feeling that you get when you walk past those places that witnessed the renaissance era. Oh, and all the authentic pizzas and pastas you can eat. Drool! Art, art, art!

City of Dublin, Ireland

If my life goes according to plan, I will probably retire here. There’s something about living in Irish soil that I find really harmonious and relaxing. Possibly the lush green sceneries or its kinda angsty environment, I like it! Havin’ beer with the Irish, oh yeah!


Remember England? They ruled the world before the Americans? Why would anyone want to miss a splendid country such as the United Kingdom? I might even meet the Queen. I’ll go here for the fish and chips, the mystery, the royal feeling, and to learn more about the longest rulers of the world!

Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico

I have always wanted to be an archaeologist, and I find the Palenque dig very interesting. The Maya is one of the largest and oldest civilizations known to date. Just recently, they were mentioned in the film “National Treasure II: Book of Secrets,” which is of course fictional, but still, you can’t remove the fact that they were a big part of how the world, as we know, came to be. Cool, right!?

From my choices, it shows that I’m a big history buff. I just love history. But never dwell on the past. Hehehe. Anyway, my sole purpose for visiting these locations is for the experience and admiration of their culture and environment. This is one thing I would like to do in the future, or sooner: to travel. Hoping that it comes true. A lil’ tricky, this topic, Keem. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it.

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nightsky said...

History buff eh? I never knew. :)

timeenutlatte said...

Doesn't show. I know. Mukha lang ako eng-eng pero I'm smart, you know. Hahaha! Just don't wanna show that I could be geeky sometimes. Yeah, I love history. That's why cake sakin yun History Channel files. (--,)