Sunday, February 3, 2008

Of Feeling Kiligs and Badtripness

I feel irritable. Probably because of what happened over the past week. Or maybe because it’s February (bleh!). Perhaps it’s the freaky weather. Possibly my lack of nourishments as my schedule kicks my appetite away. I really don’t know.

By the way, I’m irritable when I like someone.

Which maybe the reason behind my exasperation for even the smallest things. I should be happy. But somehow, I always get involved with people who I shouldn’t be getting involved with. Whether they’re older, taken, not worth it, or just plain weird; you name it. Double sheesh!

But the feeling’s not all huffy. It’s been half a year since my break up and I haven’t touched any topics involving relationships or love itself. I’ve been through my share of crushes and linkages and love teams but I never took them seriously. I just enjoyed the publicity (until it went too far a couple of weeks ago…Hehehe)! This one’s different; I can feel it.

The last time I felt this eager and at the same time irritable, I knew I liked someone. Eager meaning? Simple. Now, I’m actually looking forward for something. It’s been months since my celfone’s been busy from incoming SMS’. I’m not the usual village idiot that I am. And, I’m smiling to myself. Irritable because? I ain’t sure if the feeling is mutual. If I’m misreading the signals. If the person's free. And if this is just another way to tell Timee, “You’re the perfect friend; stay that way!”


“Like” is such a strong word for me. If you really know me, you’d know how I think and why I don’t usually declare that four-letter word. So I guess I must really have a thing for this individual. For the meantime, I’m still looking forward for everyday and for anything that involves…her! ♥


nightsky said...

Aba, aba. Sino naman kaya ito? Kilala ko ba yan? ;-p

I know her said...

Aba, aba. Sino naman kaya ito?
You know her Kim. I know her! Hehe.

timeenutlatte said...

I'm serious with this one. I'm not after the publicity. So please...Hehehe!

I Know Her: Shaddap! Hahahahahaha!

nightsky said...

Sya ba yung nasa Multiply mo na five-letter name? :-p

timeenutlatte said...

nightsky: No..I'm past that! That's just crush. Hehehe. This one's different: person and feelings. Heehee!!!

nightsky said...

Hmmm... Clue naman dyan!

(--,) said...

Hmmm... Clue naman dyan!

Is there a letter...(--,)
Wehehehehe...Sabi nga ni "I Know Her" "you know her, Kim."