Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Doña Jovita Getaway

Very good weekend, if I say so myself. I got to go out of town with friends and colleagues. Yet again, I was invited to another event of another team, which is fine as these people I consider my friends. I’m particularly excited with this one as it’s not your typical dinner out or drinking sessions. It involves road trip, packing stuff, overnight, and swimming.

Our venue was Doña Jovita Garden Resort, situated in Calamba, Laguna (thanks to Keem). It was one of those resort-for-rent types but with lots more to offer. The place is huge and nice. Tons of things to do and plenty of available public pools. Of course, escapades like this is never complete and successful without videoke machines. Arnee, Zelle, and Shai, you gals are the best.

We stayed in this cozy cottage that’s good for 10. Cottages are meant for sleeping, but not for us. People talked about stuff, some, personal (Hehehe), until the sun rose Sunday morning. Funny thing is, everyone’s sober and yet we are surprisingly very honest with our answers and stories. Tsk tsk. Oh, some individuals would kill for the information discussed and questions answered that session. Hehehe. Let’s leave that as it is.

Then it’s time to swim. Initially, I didn’t plan to, but I brought swim gear anyway. Just in case. I’m still sick and no good comes out of swimming in the cold weather. But seeing people enjoying splashing around, what the hell. Very weird, I thought, as my colds were temporarily cured after the swim. Zelle and Arnee even checked up on me if I’m feverish or what, but no. I feel perfectly healthy.

We went up to this hill-like grotto with a big statue of the Blessed Mary situated around middle of the formation. Still psyched from the recently concluded Amazing Race, I hiked and was successful. Just don’t count the panting and seeing spots and doubles after reaching the grotto. It was worth it though, seeing the view and getting to admire it.

Time flies when you’re having fun. Like lots of us observed, no one really wants to leave nor go. People just don’t want to believe that it’s already 5:00 PM and it’s time to checkout. Probably because no one wants to go back to reality of work the next day or because the experience rejuvenates one’s soul, thus, they want to extend. But I know the reason. Even if I’m not their teammate and I’ve just met most of them, the relationships they formed and togetherness they’re so used to are just really overwhelming that you can’t help to feel that way. Of course, not to take away from my true family, but we each have our own definition and sense of relationships. Point is, we’re a team and we’ll always be one.
I admit that I’m no nature person. I won’t survive in the country for more than two weeks. I’ll get sick, trust me. I can’t survive away from the city, that’s a known fact. But, whenever I comeback from out of town trips, there’s something in me that wants to stay and for the experience to continue, especially if I’m among individuals that I care for.

Next stop: an outing with my family-slash-team. We’ve never done it before, at least, not together as a team. I know we’ll have a good time and I’m already excited.
To: Arnee, Zelle, Gemm, Shai, Marie, Sam, Iris, Enzo, Jake, Nathaniel, and of course, Keem…thanks very much! Until the next “kembang,” I’ll be waiting. Hahaha.

For pictures of this adventure: "Doña Jovita, Condensed Milk, Kembang..."


nightsky said...

You're welcome, pare. :)

Ma-Anne Escobar said...

word for the day: kembang

on the grocery list: condensed milk

hanggang sa uulitin ;)