Friday, February 15, 2008

Third? BOO!! BOO!! BOO!!

Well, I ain’t booin’ the majestic country, just their representatives in the recently concluded Amazing Race Asia 2. So what if they’re disabled, they have proven to the world that they got what it takes to win something that big and prestigious. But still, I don’t give a damn. (Feel my anger yet?)

From the very first leg of the race, it was Marc and Rovilson, (Team Philippines) who made everyone eat dirt. Just like what the host said when they were awarded the 3rd place spot, no one in the race can match the caliber of those two. It all came down to one single road block, a test of memory, and the hopes of bringing home the gold to our native soil vanished as the other teams completed their task ahead. Sucks big time.

In a season laden with hot people and good looking individuals, I have nothing against those two winners, it’s as simple as I don’t like them winning because I want my team to win. Gets? I’ll probably be happier if the sisters from Malaysia won. At least they’re in league with the Pinoys. But, of course, it’s just a game. And more often than not, the team or individual that you’re rooting for never seems to bring home the bacon. Well, at least, for me, never did. From all the reality shows that I’ve watched, I can think of only one instance that the team I rooted for won the game. That’s Flo and Zach by the way from the Amazing Race Season 3. My other picks and bet, well, they didn’t suck, but they didn’t win either.
Marc and Rovilson DESERVED that title. If you base it from their merits and attitude, I’m sure you cannot deny the fact that they should be the team proclaimed the winners of the Amazing Race Asia 2. Aaaarrrggg! Seriously, I hate it! Damn!

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