Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Talkin' Talk is Not Just Talk

Happy Birthday to my fone. Hahaha. I finally thought of something to write about. My ideas shared the Writer’s Guild strike that plagued America and one of the “supposed” causes for the genocide that transpired in the office. Anyway, I think I’m still experiencing writer’s block syndrome, and I know what’s causing it. (Bleh!) So this’ll just be a short entry. I just wanna greet my phone.

My phone’s three years old. Along with Charley, my Corona, she’s one of those important things my Lola Tits (+) left me before she passed away. That’s why this phone’s my favorite. It’s not high-tech and she’s not capable of those fancy features that the people nowadays go gaga about. I love this phone because she’s complete. It has all the basics needs plus more. FM Radio (a must), Music Player, cool camera (as I can’t pronounce the whole techie term for those pixels thing), Bluetooth technology, Infrared, and expandable memory. See? Complete! And it’s handy too. I’m so used to this phone that I really missed it when I bought my Moto Razr.

But now, I’m using it more than I use my Moto. Don’t ask! Hehehe. Let’s just say that the network in my 6230 fone is Sun. Nuff said! We’ve been through a lot and I guess I could say that my Nokia 6230 is one of my prized possessions. She may not be the hottest, but she’s definitely worth keeping. Hoping that your battery wouldn’t suddenly explode and that we share more years together.

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