Friday, February 8, 2008

Of Classicness and Being a Fool

Lemme continue to relate this foolishness that I am feeling. The past few days were so-so. I ain’t irritable no more. At least, today I wasn’t. I have told a few trusted friends and the grins and smiles in their faces makes them look stupid (haha) but even more so, it makes me feel animated.

As I’ve said, this one’s different--for the following reasons:

- Being the idiot that I am, I usually use humor as means of communicating with people. Now, it’s like I’m suddenly Mr. Serious and I hate it. I hate planning every move I make for I might commit something that’ll affect impressions. BOO!

- I’m quiet. Seriously, I am. Please believe me. I really am. No, I swear! It’s almost like I’m timid. Oh hell! (No one ever believes me)

- I’m feeling it. Kinda feeling distant from my friends. But not really. I’m past that. Bros over hoes! Hehehe.

- And, since just like Sitti’s new song, “Ever Changing Moods,” well, my mood changes like I’m a sissy little girl. Tuesday I was irritated; Yesterday I was so-so; this afternoon I’m kinda back to my old self. Made some people laugh and went all classic around sunset.

I started this entry last night but stopped for Michael Scofield’s 30-sec escape. Obviously, the tone of the entry changed as I’m feeling different now. Lesson learned: finish blog before watching people escape from prison. But seriously, I still am feeling enamored (thesaurus as I don’t want to write that four-letter word). Slowly, I’m regaining my classicness. (Yes, I love the word “classic”) I figured, Classic Timee must reign. Last time around, putting my best foot forward did get me somewhere, but in the long run, them feet get tired and looked for comfort.

I learned lots and lots from the last two years that crafted my personality to date. And it always worked well for me. But since this is a different thing, being too crafty, I thought, may backfire. Then again, I’m better off acting like a fool than feeling like one after another “No.”

I don’t know if any of these made sense. I’m voting no. I can’t write right. Damn! One wish though. This may be the second of many more entries with the tag “feelings” below. Bear with a yearning young boy. Aryt?


nightsky said...

- I’m quiet. Seriously, I am. Please believe me. I really am. No, I swear! It’s almost like I’m timid.

Yeah, right! :-p

timeenutlatte said...

Yeah, right! :-p

Isa ka pa! Waaaahh! :'((

Anonymous said...

oh, i can only watch. >.<

timeenutlatte said...

Odt-you know I love you! Hahaha! XOXO! You don't hafta watch. You know you get full details of every escapade I venture in. Hehehe.