Monday, March 3, 2008

Sunday Scribbles VIII


March 2, 2008

Win an Oscar or Grammy

I seriously would like to take home an Oscar or a Grammy. I’m hoping it’s for a ground-breaking performance in a role. Hahaha. But winning for it technical functions will do. I can already picture me in the Red Carpet and I have already prepared my acceptance speech for it. Hollywood! Hollywood! Hollywood!

Host my own Talk Show

Ever since they started broadcasting Conan O’ Brien here in our country, I admired and idolized not just the guy, but also his show and sense of humor. I’m not sure though that I could deliver good monologues but I guarantee that I can come up with fresh segments and witty comedy bits that everyone will enjoy. It’s also the best way to meet interesting people and make fun of them at the same time.

Learn New Languages

This is probably the most relevant and most significant thing that I want to do before I perish. Hehehe. Well, not necessarily be a linguist but at least learn how to speak fluently and efficiently in foreign languages. It’ll be a big help if I get to do my number five.

Own a Night Club and Restaurants

I want to practice what I studied for college and I want to achieve it not in the serious, coat-wearing, corporate way, but accomplishing it the best way I know how: having fun and not being all boring-y. Setting up my own restaurant has always been a dream of mine and as an entrepreneur, I’ma need to come up with new ideas to make my resto hip and current. Not placing ideas here for patent reasons. And hoping that I get to establish a hot night club for those gimikeros and gimikeras out there. You get up in the morning, think of new fun ways of services, and party in the evening--what’s not to like about that?

Join the Amazing Race

All of the entries I’ve read this week includes “to travel” in their list. Of course, I would want the same thing. But there’s only so much one can do with a plane ticket and luggage. Why not race through time, travel the whole world, explore different cultures, endure challenges, meet new people then compete with them--all of these at the expense of some big corporate moguls. Wouldn’t that be more exciting? And I get to do it with someone of my liking and if we win, we bring home this huge prize money. Indeed, “Amazing” is the appropriate word for it.

Hmm…there’re lots more that I want to do before I meet my maker, but for now, this will do. Of course, there’s still that issue of personal stuff such as: relationships, starting a family, retirement--I call them factors-that-speed-up-your-meeting-with-the-Grim Reaper--and that’s just too morbid for me. Hahaha. Yes, maybe, just maybe, I would consider my own family but not now, nor in the next decade. Let’s put it this way. After I accomplish at least three out of the five listed above, then I will settle down and finally commit. Nice, good thing I thought of that!

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