Thursday, January 17, 2008

Access and Denied

The irony, really. With most of our heads in the chopping block, I find it amusing that I finally got my access card after four months. Done are the days when I need to wait forever until someone opens our floor door or have to run and slide just to make it in time before the glass door closes. Dangerous, I tell you. Also, no more pesky guards wanting my autograph before letting me enter. Sheesh.

Why only now? It’s because our very responsible human resources lost it upon our return from JAKA building. They made us surrender it when we transferred buildings. And when we went back to our main office, a few months ago, they issued us new cards, but they lost mine. Tsss. If our team manager hadn’t joked about how old my ID looked like (it seems like I’ve been with the company for years and years as my ID’s really shabby and are divided into three parts), and noticed that I don’t have an access card, I would still be needing doormen services. He asked me to e-mail him directly about it, I did, I got it.

What’s ironic is that only now it came when our days are just numbered. Seriously, another storm is coming. And this time, I don’t think I’ll be dry all throughout. A friend and colleague, Jamie, is the first casualty of the storm this year. It hurts to elaborate so just read her thoughts [here]. I’ll surely miss her.

It’s starting. Another purge. I’m ready.

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