Sunday, January 6, 2008

Till Next Time...

After what seemed to be the most memorable day after the New Year so far, I got these two SMS messages from two of the most important persons in my professional life, Erik and Monette. You see, they served as my brother and sister in the office and have always taken care of me like family. Together with Kads, Mackoie, and Archee, we were close. Now, it’s graduation time for both of them as they’ve submitted their resignation letters this afternoon (to the dismay of the management…mwahahaha) and completely left me somewhat alone in the morning. I will write a separate entry for my being “alone.” Anyway, these two messages really says it all. No goodbyes, as I’ve said. But you can’t help feeling blue.

Here’s to your future, guys! Like you said, “Till next time.” May it not be ages for that “next time” to happen. I still need caring and looking after. Hahaha.


Kadz said...

How come I didn't receive those? =(

I know they'll get better jobs.

timeenutlatte said...

Hala. Hindi nga? ='( Hehehe. Claude's text was just for me. Nakakaiyak nga eh. Mahaba and all. I don't know kay companero. Maybe it got lost or trafficked.

Yeah, I'm sure they'll be "happier" with their new endeavors against sa atin.