Wednesday, January 16, 2008

After Sunset...

The morning glory was short lived as I am now back in my most hated shift schedule ever, mid-shift, 1PM to 10PM. I just wrote last week [here] how happy I am that I go home with the sun accompanying me and welcoming me upon reaching home. Now, the moon is having his laughs as he’s going to look after me from now on. Damn! Just when I was enjoying the benefits of being able to go home early, I was tapped to oversee the mid-shift. Bit stupid really as only one person occupies the mid-shift and he is more than able to accomplish and manage on his own, none other than my nonchalant friend, Kads.

Due to a worthless yet exciting incident last week that involves one psychotic transcriptionist giving a newspaper facial to her teammate, resulting into chaotic series of events that led me to join Kads in what I know is the longest shift within one day. I hated this shift because it kinda consumes all of your time in a day. Besides the incident, our foreign bosses demanded that our team has 24/6 coverage so that they won’t be having problems when they want to get something done. Tsss! (Sigh) When I arrive in the office, most of my team are out on their lunches and will just suffer few more hours and they get to go home. Talk about being unfair.

It’s a good thing that my indifferent friend is there with me. And, just this afternoon I realized that it’s like I got my colleagues/friends back again. Since they were transferred to other accounts, we rarely spend time with them anymore as their shift changes from time to time. But one good thing is that their prominent shift is the mid-shift. Meaning, I’ll be able to take my breaks and lunch with people that I usually went with before. Yay! It’s like Offline is complete again. Pity those who are in the morning shift. Hahaha. Endure and suffer the situation of having some people boss you around. But, hey, it’s all good. Except maybe for the shuttle home which took forever before it left the terminal as only few people go home at that time.

In conclusion, it’s a bittersweet turn of events for lil’ ol’ me. I may not be able feel the warmth of the sun (wait…going to work noontime is hell as it is so hot and ruins one’s style), the moon is more than happy to welcome me back into its arms.

When I was but new in my work, I spent five months in the mid-shift and it caused me countless gimiks, several family gatherings, and my then girlfriend. Yet another ridiculous sentiment that I’m feeling. Or is it?


Anonymous said...

At least we don't have to worry about people bossing us around. Hehe.

timeenutlatte said...

Yeah, Anonymous man! Hehehe.
We have the damn floor all to ourselves.
Although I'm sensing a disturbance in the Force with that one OiC. Hmm...