Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Devil Wears Adidas

No, this isn’t about an internship that would jumpstart my writing or hosting career. I just want to share what I got for my birthday. Well, the only two items I got. Of course, Mom shouldered my dinner party, which is the best thing I got for my 22nd. But I’ll be talking about those presents that come in boxes and ribbons.

Tita Ayie just got home from her well-deserved U.S. trip and brought home lots of things: chocolates, soaps, hygiene products, meds, vitamins, shirts, jackets, and lots of other goodies. But she brought home one particular item and it was for me: a cool new pair of Adidas walking shoes. Now, I do not know its model or type as she didn’t bother to bring the box for it will just add bulk to her already full baggage. It’s brown, has this “Chiba PT” tag all over its body. Cool. Now, I was never really a shoe-person. Before last year, I only got few pairs because for me, if it’s in working condition, then it won’t need replacing. I’d rather invest in clothes and accessories just because I like them. But this new addition to my growing number of footwear hits the spot. So light, it’s like you’re wearing nothing at all. Perfect for driving.

The other cool item I got is a beanie accessory shaped in the image of yours truly. Patty gets the credit for this one. Really happy with this one. She said she was guilty for not knowing it was my birthday so she bought me this devil beanie. It’s got suction cups for hanging purposes. I wanted to hang it in my work station in the office but chances are I wouldn’t see it tomorrow. Lots of evil elements in that floor that even the devil himself would shudder if he happens to pass by there. Hehehe. Anyway, thanks, Patty, for the cool beanie. I didn’t know merchandises of me are available at gift shops nowadays.

Now, Bes said she bought me a present. A first, actually. Hmm, I’m excited. Five years after, she finally bought and got me something. Can’t wait.


Kadz said...

Waaa... I want a beanie just like that!

timeenutlatte said...

It's from Pattee! And she gave me one. Just me! Yay! Hahaha!