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Sunday Scribbles III

January 26, 2008

That Thing You Do! (1996)
In every life there comes a time when that dream you dream becomes that thing you do.

It's the summer of 1964, and Guy Patterson is a salesman at his father's appliance store in Erie, PA. By day, he sells toasters and transistor radios. But at night, he retreats to the basement, sits down at a set of drums, and disappears into a cloud of jazz percussion. In other words, he's ready to roll when a local rock band loses its drummer and asks him to sit in at a college talent show. One month later, The Wonders are shooting stars in the Play-Tone galaxy--with a recording contract, a state fair tour and a trip to Hollywood. As their signature song, That Thing You Do!, rockets to the top of the charts, The Wonders embark on a humorous and surprising journey where they not only get a taste of fame, but an extraordinary look at the halcyon days of rock and roll.

No one ever expects nor chooses this film as their favorite. That’s why I love it. It has all the elements of a perfect feel-good movie: cool characters, awesome setting and era, and best of all, perfect music! I won’t have any qualms or problems at all if I lived in the 60’s. I probably did, in my past life, if there’s such a thing.

Cruel Intentions (1999)
What you can’t have, You can’t resist.

A tale of betrayal centering on two wealthy, manipulative teenage stepsiblings from Manhattan's uppercrust. It's summer break, and Kathryn has been dumped by her beau, Court Reynolds, for the innocent Cecile. Desperate to get even, Kathryn challenges Sebastian to ruin Cecile by deflowering her--thus humiliating Court by delivering Cecile to him as damaged goods. Sebastian has pretty much 'had' all of the girls in New York City up to this point, and he's gotten a bit bored of it all. Though this is too easy a conquest for him, he obliges. He sets his sights on a higher challenge--the headmaster's daughter, Annette, who recently wrote an article in 'Seventeen' Magazine about how she intends to stay pure until she marries her boyfriend. Sebastian bets Kathryn that he can seduce the chaste and pristine Annette. Kathryn believes it impossible, and agrees to the wager--and if Sebastian succeeds, Kathryn must give him a night of unbridled pleasure, something he's wanted since their parents got married.

Power, money, sex, popularity: the best things in life. One of my favorite movie characters of all-time: Sebastian Valmont. He’s got everything, except happiness. He found it, and he threw it away. Classic! The manipulation and exploitation of lesser characters on this movie was so perfectly portrayed, makes one really envious. Hehehe. Yeah, I’m evil.

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways.

Bianca Stratford is pretty and popular, but her strict family won't allow her to date until her older sister does: the problem is that sister Kat is an outsider who tries to alienate any guy who might be interested in her. So Bianca's would-be boyfriend bribes fellow outsider Patrick to ask out Kat, thinking that this sullen young man with a mysterious past might tempt Kat to rise to the challenge.

Like “She’s All That,” I never really knew why I love this movie. Probably because it’s one of those “teen” flicks that defined my generation. Yes, I was in high school when this movie was released, and yes, I watched it in the theater. It was also the stepping-stone for Julia Stiles (love, love, love) and Heath Ledger (Godspeed). “As opposed to Planet ‘Look At Me, Look At Me’?” Hahaha.

Fight Club (1999)
How much can you know about yourself if you've never been in a fight?

The mundane existence of a product liability evaluator and insomniac, who is addicted to self-help groups, is turned upside down when he meets a sado-masochistic anarchist who is secretly plotting to overthrow civilization. As their friendship grows, they become increasingly involved in a secret society of "fight clubs" where men act out their aggressions and violently beat one another to a pulp. In the meantime, the evaluator falls in love with a woman who is also addicted to self-help groups, but is unable to act on his desire for her.

The first rule about Fight Club is: " You don't talk about Fight Club".
The second rule about Fight Club is: " You don't talk about Fight Club".
Ah, yes. The perfect violent movie without the gore and stupid slashing effects. Anyway, I just really like this movie. Makes me wonder, what if I start a “Fight Club?” Hmm…

Serendipity (2001)
Can Once In A Lifetime Happen Twice?

It's a bustling day in New York City, and amidst the usual mad rush, the paths of two strangers collide as they fall victim to a mutual, all-consuming attraction. Despite the fact that each is involved in another relationship, Jonathan and Sara bide their time, staying connected by wandering through Manhattan and talking until the wee hours, while never mentioning each other's names. But, when the night reaches an inevitable end, the two are forced to determine the next step. When the smitten Jonathan suggests an exchange of phone numbers, Sara has a different idea in mind that will allow fate to take control of the future. If they are meant to be together, she convinces him, the universe will reveal its telltale signs. At least that's the plan...

I know the story is impossible, and I, myself , am skeptic about fate and destiny. But I love this movie and its story. One of those boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy finds girl, boy and girl ends up together. Aww, now isn’t that romantic? Sheesh, if only. Hahaha! Also, I have this huge crush on Kate Beckinsale.

Love Actually (2003)
Love actually is all around.

Everywhere you look, love is causing chaos. From the bachelor Prime Minister of the United Kingdom who, on his first day at 10 Downing Street, falls in love with the girl who brings him his tea, to a hopeless sandwich delivery guy who doesn't think he has a chance with the girls in the U.K., so he heads for Wisconsin. From aging rock stars, to a stony headmistress, to a monolingual Portuguese housemaid--love arrives in many forms, shapes and sizes. Here, ten separate--but intertwining--stories of love all lead up to a big climax on Christmas Eve, proving that love is the driving force in all of these people's lives.

This is my favorite Christmas movie of all time. Features a stellar British cast who played their character roles flawlessly. This movie makes me feel good and warm whenever I watch it, be it Christmas or not.

Top Gun (1986)
Up there with the best of the best.

Maverick is a hot pilot. When he encounters a pair of MiGs over the Persian Gulf, his wingman is clearly outflown and freaks. On almost no fuel, Maverick is able to talk him back down to the Carrier. When his wingman turns in his wings, Maverick is moved up in the standings and sent to the Top Gun Naval Flying School. There he fights the attitudes of the other pilots and an old story of his father's death in combat that killed others due to his father's error. Maverick struggles to be the best pilot, stepping on the toes of his other students and in a different way to Charlie, a civilian instructor to whom he is strongly attracted.

Here’s a little known fact about me: I always wanted to be a fighter pilot. But I can’t even ride Ferris wheels and roller coasters. Hehehe. This film was released in the year I was born and my Ninong, who looked after me when I was growing up; this was his favorite movie. Not one Saturday that he wouldn’t play his Betamax tape copy of this film. So this is probably the first full-length movie that I liked. Its soundtrack is one of the most popular to date. Start your engine, pop it into your car stereo, turn to track 10, and fly. It also introduced one of the things that I never leave home without: Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses.

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983)
The Empire Falls…

Lightsabers sparkle, the Millenium Falcon flashes through hyperspace and creatures from all over the galaxy defy the Imperial Empire, in this stunning third chapter of the "Star Wars" saga. As the rebels prepare to attack the Emperor's awesome new Death Star, Han Solo remains imprisoned by the loathsome outlaw Jabba the Hutt, who has also captured Princess Leia. Luke Skywalker rescues his friends, but he will not be a true Jedi Knight until he defeats Darth Vader, who has sworn to win him over to the Dark Side of the Force. With old favorites like Chewbacca, Yoda, R2-D2, C-3PO and Lando Calrissian, plus the small but stalwart Ewoks.

Yes, I never denied it. I am a Star Wars fan. Call me geeky, I don’t care; fact of the matter is, Star Wars is cool. Hahaha. It’s the most successful film franchise ever. It spawned millions of followers and fans. Of all them Episodes, my favorite is Return of the Jedi. It depicts the fall of the Empire, Luke Skywalker becoming a true Jedi Knight, the repentance of Darth Vader, and the formation of the New Republic--the perfect finale for a great double trilogy. Yeah, yeah, what the hell I’m talking about? Screw it! May the Force be with you.

And also: Ocean’s Twelve, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, You’ve Got Mail, and so much, much, much, much more!!! Hah! The title states “FAVORITE MOVIES OF ALL TIME,” there’s no limit, so I just kept on adding and adding. Mwahahaha!

I’m excited with this edition of Sunday Scribbles. Props to Keem, it’s getting better every week. It’s actually one of the things I look forward to on the Sabbath nowadays. I changed my list a couple of times, as this is a topic that I’m really into: movies.

It’s the third edition. You know what to do. Click the logo!


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