Monday, January 21, 2008

Birthday Blog 2008

Now that my birthday passed by, I may now write about it. Nothing much to say, really. The family was supposed to spend my birthday in Baguio but our laziness prevailed, so it became a toss between dinner out or take out orders from restos (like we usually do). Anyway, 22’s not that big a deal as last year (where I was disappointed), so small intimate gathering would be gravy.
Let’s start with the eve before my birthday. Since I was on a birthday leave the following day and some friends from the office decided to go out as it is a Friday night, I decided to go with them after our shift. It didn’t push through. My supervisor cornered me just as my shift was about to end and interrogated me about an issue that’s been plaguing everyone. We’ll not go into that detail until I’ve cleaned up my mess. Anyway, the interrogation took longer than I expected so I got a message from Nyce that going home prevailed over going out. So I was left with no gimik on a Friday night, on the eve of my birthday. So I decided to just wait for Mom as she went to this wake of a relative (God bless, Lola Betty) so she could ride with me home.

Mackoie and Kads were still there for some reason, and so I decided to wait for the stroke of midnight for the fireworks and big tarpaulin that will roll out from RCBC building that says, “Happy Birthday Timmy!” Err…someday that will happen. Hahaha. So we just bonded with Ru and Heidz while I waited. Even bought them KFC Bucket Meal as Heidz can really be persuasive. That’s okay. Anyway, 12:00 AM came and yet again, I’m a year older. Monette actually went here in the Metro to greet me personally. I was touched. Thanks!

Got home, laughed at a few greeters and went to bed. I went to hear mass in the morning at Greenbelt Chapel as they were the only church who has a noon schedule of celebration. Thanked God for another year and went off. I bumped into someone who I least expected to bump into: Maika. You see, we ended 2007 and started 2008 not speaking to each other for some reason, but we got through that and we’re in good terms again. Yay! She was one of those who greeted me first, actually. So that’s my Ayala experience for the day.

We were to pick up our dinner at Seaside Macapagal, which is our next stop. For some reason, I was really sleepy and I just wanted to go home. So we went to pick up Tita Ayie so that Mom will have help for the preparations. I dropped them off at Seaside and headed home. They’ll be picked up by the driver later anyway.

My Ninong and cousin Bea arrived before sunset and marks the start of my dinner party. Uncle, Tita Gee, Hannah, Camille, and Auntie (who celebrated her birthday the day before…Happy Birthday!) also came by for dinner. Mom ordered a very cool cake from Kink Cakes that has my face on it. Always knew I was yummy. Hahaha. And the seafood feast was just pure bliss. All in all, I enjoyed it, we all did.

Before I end this entry, I’d like to thank the following people for remembering and greeting me on my special day:

(In chronological order through SMS)
Dad, Nee, Kads, Monette, Nyce, Mom, Heidz, Talla, T. Ayie, Soffy, Odette, T. Gee, Arnee, Paul – Metrobank, S.Y., Ninong, Mackoie, T. Odoy, Reg, Hannah, T. Ginny, T. Teyette, T. Cookie, Bes, Erik, Carl, and Leng.

(For those who greeted me online)
Veejei, Bianca, Tintin, Anna, Kibi, Gurl, Honee, Patty, Ter, Ronn, Ton, Keem, Sabrina, and Butch.

And for those that I didn’t mention, chances are, you forgot and I expect bigger boxes of presents from you guys and gals.

January 19, 2008 was a success and fun day for me. It was not grand nor lacking; it simply made me feel warm and special. That’s all that’s important anyway. So gratitude to everyone who celebrated it with me. May I have more birthdays to come and that you people would still be there to party with moi. Cheers!

Other images are in "Happy Endings..."


Kadz said...

Great Scott!! What a swell cake! Belated! B-)

timeenutlatte said...

Gee, thanks! You're such a swell guy! Heeheehee. >:P

Johann said...

that's the coolest cake ever. belated!

timeenutlatte said...

I know, right? Delectable me. Hahaha. Thanks, Johann.