Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pare, Manong, Tsong, Kapatid, Bro...

It’s April 1, 2006 all over again. I said I won’t get emotional.
As always, au contraire, my dear self. It was inevitable but somehow I never really took it seriously. Being the strong person I am, goodbyes and last days are but ordinary moments for me. Just like what Captain Jack Sparrow’s line, “I love those moments; I like to wave at them as they pass by.” How true. But in this case, that wave was meant for farewell.

I have written countless entries about our company’s crisis and losing friends for some quite time now, and frankly, I’m getting sick of it. My teammates used to look forward for news and gossips about the latest in our account, but now, it’s just too tiresome to be updated knowing that the latest news will just be all negative. So I’m stopping right there.

Today’s officially the last day of my friend, Erik, from work. If hadn’t gotten this news that he’s going to be terminated today if he still doesn’t show up, I’m pretty damn sure he wouldn’t care at all. But of course, exiting with good record is better than termination. So, he did made an appearance today, and the management finally signed his resignation letter. Successful. He’s finally free from the clutches of our account’s obscurity. Very much happy for him.
I won’t go so much into detail as it’ll take time to write all things that matter about everything. Does that make sense? Anyway, after all the farewell e-mails sent, personal goodbyes from colleagues (some we didn’t even know…news that he’s departing sure flies really fast), and some picture taking inside and outside the building, we decided to bid goodbye to each other in a manner that was used by kings and lords in the old times: drinking and merriment. Reminiscing and snippets from work were our topic which is fitting for a season ender-like scenario. The walk towards the terminal where they would ride home seemed like forever and he gave me useful advices as I will be standing for my own the moment he surrendered his ID to HR. “Wag ka magpapagamit,” that’s one. As we were about to part ways, after the very “manly” hugs and fist shakes, his last words were not your usual farewell phrases, “God bless dun. Wag ka masyado magpakabibbo, ha? Ingat.”

The drive home was silent and so is everything, except for the knocking tone from my phone when SMS messages comes in. Here’s what it says:
Pare, let’s stay positive and keep believing that we’ll still hangout whenever possible. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have lasted this much on this roller coaster ride that is work. Ironic because we’re both terrified of roller coasters. You served as my brother in my very first whip of the corporate world. God bless and catch you later. **Choke**

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