Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunday Scribbles II


January 20, 2008

Chuck Bass
Gossip Girl

A rich, lust-driven, perverted antagonist whose list of the finer things in life is short: sex and alcohol. Chuck (Ed Westwick) once came close to taking advantage of a vulnerable Jenny Humphrey in a bathroom, and on roof top, and tried to sleep with an inebriated Serena van der Woodsen. Everyone, quite frankly, despises him most of the time, but because his bank account and good looks have just always been part of the latest party, they just shrug off his egotistical antics and accept him for what he is: a rich party animal. -Wikipedia

This is by far the best character in TV today that I wanna swap shoes with. Rich, good-looking, party animal, player--what more can you ask for? That’s why the Almighty didn’t give me those qualities, He knows I’ll be the real-life version of Charles Bass.

Angus MacGyver

Angus MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) is a highly intelligent, optimistic action hero who prefers non-violent conflict resolution wherever possible. MacGyver's main asset is his practical application of scientific knowledge and inventive use of common items along with his ever-present Swiss Army knife and duct tape. The clever solutions MacGyver implemented to seemingly intractable problems often in life-or-death situations requiring him to improvise complex devices in a matter of minutes were a major attraction of the show, which was praised for generating interest in engineering, as well as providing entertaining storylines. -Wikipedia

He can turn paper clips into weapons of mass destruction and ordinary household materials into something that could prevent Global Warming. Nuff said!

Peter Petrelli

He is a former hospice nurse in his mid-20s with the power to absorb and mimic the powers of other evolved humans. Angela Petrelli, his mother, describes Peter as being the most powerful of "all of us". –Wikipedia

Apart from Milo Ventimiglia’s striking looks, his character in Heroes is one of the most interesting (and coolest) in the boob tube to date. He absorbs other Heroes’ abilities and keeps it. Again, what more could you want?

The Guys of F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) - a definite player and struggling actor who becomes famous for his role on Days Of Our Lives as Dr. Drake Ramoray.
Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) - Chandler was an executive specializing in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration. The character of Chandler is noted for his wise-cracks and his sardonic attitude, which provides a defense mechanism. His most famous phrase is the rhetorical question "Could this be any more...?" and is used on the show as a source of humor many times.
Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) - Ross is perhaps most famous for his turbulent relationship with Rachel Green. Ross had harbored a crush for Rachel since their high school days.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S was and is the best show in the world. Nothing will ever replace it as my all-time favorite TV show. Those three fits their characters to a T. The show wouldn’t work if you axe one character off. Of all them three, my favorite is Chandler because I can relate most to him. Sarcasm and humor to describe his persona. Although most of my friends say I’m more of a Joey than a Chandler.

Barney Stinson
How I Met Your Mother

He is a womanizer, favors suits, laser tag, and uses the words "awesome" and "legendary" frequently. Barney is almost always seen wearing a suit and makes great use of his catchphrase, "Suit up!", often modifying it for a particular situation. He favors one night stands with women, then never calling them again. Barney is brutally honest with his friends, to the point of being cruel. -Wikipedia

Again, just like Chuck above, Barney’s the ultimate guy guy. He’s good with the ladies, wears suits, big bank accounts, good friends, and LOL catchphrases that really works. Neil Patrick Harris portrays the perfect lovable jackass on television. Definitely wanna wear this guy’s shoes even for just a day. Peace out, hombres!

There you go. Five (technically seven) television characters that I would want to live the lives of. Runner ups would be: James Sawyer from Lost, Lucas Scott from One Tree Hill, and T-Bag from Prison Break. Great stuff, Keem.

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