Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Welcome 2008

Hmm…first entries of the year should be special, and thought-through. But knowing me, I’d get all lazy and contented with a two to three paragraph blog. That’s okay. I just want a welcome-type of blog for 2008. As I’ve said from Questions Before 2007 Goes, I love the number eight and I’ll take it as a sign that this year would be a better one, if not, a great one. But something tells me that 2008 will just be a continuation of 2007. Let me tell you why.

I cannot recall any milestone I’ve achieved in 2007. In 2006, I graduated from college and got a degree. That’s a feat. It will take a long while to top that kind of achievement. My most memorable moment of 2007, as far as I can remember, was winning friends in the persona of my teammates and my beloved San Beda Red Lions winning its second NCAA championship trophy in succession. If it’s not that visual to your memory, maybe it’s not that important, right? I refuse to believe though that those small matters were not significant to me.

I need to set my priorities this year. One year of running around without real directions was fun, but when you think about it, that’s one year of your life you’re never getting back. I’m not saying that it was a complete waste of time as I did have some great times and good moments to boot. But those moments could’ve been creating the latest KC ad, or co-hosting my low-budget talk show, celebrating Thanksgiving with my Ninang in Torrance, or having a ultra relaxing spa in Bali. You know, those kinds of things. But alas, captioning subtitles, planning dinner events, having 9 people present in my debut, and Zambales trip summed up the best moments of 2007. No complaints there, whatsoever. Gots to start small anyway.

At the start of 2007, my ultimate goal was to visit another country, be it in the same continent or far away. One heartless American crushed that goal. For 2008, I still want to visit my Ninang in California but it won’t be my top priority anymore. I want my own place. Some place I can call mine. Where I could be alone and no one tells me what to do, when to eat, where to go, and the likes. Lately, I’ve been browsing at condo magazines and they’re really, really cool to leaf through. Gives me idea on what I want and gets my imagination running. Wow! But this would probably be another New Year’s wish as the price of what I’m hoping for doesn’t come cheap. In fact, it’s ridiculously expensive. So looking for a BETTER job should be my top priority this year. Enough jumpstarting my career, I don’t think it’s working anyway.

So there you go, five paragraphs of random thoughts that I would like to share at the start of this promising year. May everyone that I care for find what they’re looking for, achieve their goals, and just be really happy. Here’s hoping to an awesome year for us and our love ones. God bless us this 2008!!!

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Kadz said...

2008 will be better, I know, for the rest of us. B-)