Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Two Capricorns and An Aquarian

This event is six months in the making. Back when we were still a celebrated team, we go out on monthly dinners, just because we can and we want to. One time, it was suggested that we should try out seafoods for those one of those dinners. Everybody loved the idea but for some reason, it never pushed through. Come January and the team were blessed with three reasons to dine out and party JacQ, Odette, and Moi.

Us three were born on this month and thought, “What better way to treat the team than to finally make that long-awaited Dampa trip happen.” So, we did. Plan was set last January 12 but due to considerations for some people, I decided to postpone it to January 26 instead. That way, the turnout would be successful. Well, it didn’t change much. But that’s okay, people who were present matter to us three. Thanks, friends.

So, last Saturday, January 26, 2008, we finally made it past Makati and went ahead with the dampa-plan. We left the office after our shift, Carl hitching Odette, Boy, and Nyce; and me, taking JacQ, Veejei, and Alpha with me. When we reached Macapagal, we were greeted with the only thing that ruined that night: Carl was flagged down by traffic enforcers and confiscated his license for switching lanes. Can’t really explain what and how it happened but from what I have heard, it’s one of those abuse of authority and baseless apprehensions. Tsk tsk.

Odette was the one who was familiar with the place so I let her choose our venue for the night. You see, Seaside, Macapagal holds at least 50 dampa-style restaurants and it’s easy to get lost if you don’t know what you’re doing. She decided that’s Shylin’s the one. It cooks good food, cool ambience, and a videoke machine--the most important factor in selecting a venue. I, personally, do not know how to “mamalengke” so I said ordering ahead would just be fine. But Alpha insisted that she’s going to teach us how to select and purchase fresh seafoods. Thanks, but no thanks. I let JacQ and Odette go with her. I’ll just pay for whatever they got. Hehehe.

Just when we were starting to do what we do best--picture taking--Kads arrived to join the festivities. Veejei started the party with her rendition of a popular ballad that I forgot. This is where the awesomeness of this night begins. There was this old guy who sings so “passionately” that we wanted to take away their bottle of Carlos Rossi. He was crooning all these depressing old tunes, which was not appropriate for our occasion. Come on, we just turned twenty-something! Alpha gave her two cents worth for every song the old guy sings. Technically, they should sing a duet together. They’ll probably make a good couple and who knows; even make it to that talent show. No, not American Idol, more in the ranks of “Aawitan Kita.” Nyahahaha,

More shots taken, a fireworks display, and awesome voices of Veejei and JacQ, and Alpha (fine) later, food is served. Oh, yeah. This is the reason you go to dampa-styled restos: the food! Buttered shrimps, camaron rebosado, calamares, grilled “panga,” “sinigang sa miso,” mountains of rice…life is good! And the best part is, plenty for everyone and very conducive to our wallets.

Feeling that the night could offer more, I decided to SMS Ru if she wanted to follow us as she only lives a couple of minutes away from where we are. She did made an appearance. Yay! Ronn also arrived seconds before Ru did, and our beloved guests are complete. Of course they cornered Ru with their work-related questions, to which I do know the outcome of their conversations. Stories, stories, and lovely voices from those hot girls in the other table, and more stories later--it was time for the booze. Just one round as everyone was too full for alcohol.

It’s always fun to sing even if you’re not blessed with a good voice. This is our mindset. Everyone had their turn on the microphone and sang their hearts out. If we were to judge the best performance (take note: performance, not voice), it’s going to be a toss between Ru’s “If I Keep My Heart Out of Sight,” a Nikki Gil revival, or Kads’ “Push” by Matchbox 20. So I finally heard him sing. He’s supposed to be a “rockstar,” as everyone would say. Hehehe. Rock on, man! I will accompany you to the Idol auditions.

And then it’s time to go home. We asked for the bill and paid for it. I was surprised on how inexpensive it was for that much food. Great deal. I fitted the gang in my car to drop them off at Baclaran. After they all went down, I drove Ru home because she’s on my way anyway. The people in the office are going to have a field day upon reading that last sentence. You vultures! Mwahahaha! I arrived home, went online, found a friend all by herself, and kept her company until I was on the verge of passing out.
And that concludes our January celebration gimik. One can’t help but notice though that we used to occupy really long tables and always have trouble compressing ourselves to fit into frame, now, our friends present are what’s left of a once sensational team. But no worries; I certainly had fun. Hoping the gang did too.
In behalf of Odette and JacQ, I would like to thank: Ru, Kads, Carl, Boy, Veejei, Nyce, Ronn, Alpha, and Ovie. Thanks for taking time to celebrate with us. Of course, thanks to the Offline team and several T&C friends who greeted us on our special days. Until next time.
Aquarians and Pisceans, you guys are up.

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