Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Scribbles X

March 16, 2008

Secret Society of Super Villains

They’re the ultimate group of antagonists and probably the biggest threat to Justice League of America. What’s not to like? Headed by master villains, most common is Lex Luthor and Gorilla Grodd, its members having special powers that could match up with the League's...they made the lives of our superheroes hell as they worked together and cooperated to spread chaos and evil. Ironic, as villains always work alone and never trust anyone but themselves. Oh, and The Joker’s a member too.

Dick Dastardly

The scoundrel of the Wacky Races, his name says it all. His sidekick, Muttley, a dog only mumbles and snickers in this asthmatic laugh, which really cracks me everytime. Dastardly would do anything to win the race: cheat, deception, and he even installed wily contraptions to his “Mean Machine” vehicle to use against other racers. He never won the race though.

Benjamin Linus

Is the leader of the Others and is the main antagonist of the Emmy Award winning TV series, “Lost.” Ben wins my “creepiest creep award.” Is he a friend or a foe? No one really knows and probably no one’s got an idea. He has the answer to everything about the mysterious island and knows each Oceanic 815 survivors. As the series gets more confusing every week, so is Ben’s true nature.


The only supervillain in the hit NBC series, “Heroes.” How can you not love this guy? He cuts open his victims’ head and brain and takes their power for himself. Yeah, kinda disgusting but still, limitless superpower you’ll acquire. His main power, though, is intuitive aptitude. It means that he knows how things work just by looking at them, at least, that’s how it was explained in what I’ve read. More Sylar next season! Yeah!

Darth Vader

Yes, I know, he’s from the big screen. But Darth Vader is villain of all villains. Vader’s my favorite badass and evil person ever. He used to be Anakin Skywalker, the chosen one to bring balance to the Force. But thirst for power corrupted young Anakin’s mind and he joined the Dark Side and ruled the galaxy until his death. He is also the father of Luke and Leia Skywalker and the right-hand guy of the Emperor. You’re not getting it, are you? As I’ve said before, I love Star Wars and one of the reasons why I do is because of Darth Vader, the coolest antagonist ever created. “If you only knew the power of the Dark Side of the Force.”

Well, very interesting topic, Frances. But it took me a while before coming up with a list. I’m not even sure with this list but basically, they are the characters that I admire and look up to. **evil laugh** It’s hard because the scribble states that I come up with my favorite television villains. For some reason, I can’t remember villains of the shows that I watch so I just listed the ones that came to mind.

If I was to play a part in a story, I would fit the role of the villain. Yeah, I know, most of you will agree. Hehehe. It’s because I find the antagonists interesting and at the same time stupid. That’s all for now, homies!

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Ma-Anne Escobar said...

wala akong maisip! hindi ko alam kung magagawa ko itong sunday scribbles na ito :|

timeenutlatte said...

Actually, wala na ako sa sarili nung ginagawa ko toh. Kita mo naman ako kagabi di ba? Hehehe. Antok na antok na ko.

Mejo mahirap nga magisip sa topic na toh. TV kasi eh. Kung movie madali lang. Naiisip ko mga tagalog villains ng telenobela. Haha.

Kadz said...

I'll put Mandark of Dexter's Lab. And Dee Dee too!! I think she's a villainess in her own right. LoL.

nightsky said...

Ako rin nahihirapan akong mag-isip! Mukhang tatlo lang ang maililista ko.

Ma-Anne Escobar said...

Mukhang tatlo lang ang maililista ko.

ako mukhang dalawa lang :| haha

timeenutlatte said...

Sugar: Yeah, I was thinking about Mandark too. And Deedee. She's a real pain. Hehehe.

Frances: Naman. You're the one who started it. Nyahahaha.

DQ: Kontrabida? Sikat ha. Dapat lumalabas sa TV. Wehehehe.