Tuesday, March 25, 2008


IMDB Keyword Meme from Jai

- Go to IMDb
- Pick out 10 movies you like
- Pick out 4 plots keywords for each
- Post them and have your friends guess

1. Avante Garde Art, Wager, Prom, Pygmalion
2. Gloves, Coincidence, Skating Rink, Fate -
3. Metal Bikini, Fat, Rebellion, Christ Allegory
4. Obituary, Instant Messaging, Pedestrian Crossing, Wig
5. Disneyland, Dentist, Nameless Character, Nostalgic
6. Social Climber, Hypocrisy, Narcissism, Defloration -
Cruel Intentions
7. Giant Snake, Desert, Impersonation, Happy Ending
8. Failure, Cellphone, Tap Dance, Self-Referential -
9. Beach Volleyball, Singing, Cult Favorite, Based on Article -
Top Gun
10. Opposites Attract, Misanthrope, Deception, Based on a Novel

Tagg: Kads, Keem, & Marie


nightsky said...

Amp! Ang hirap hulaan waaahhh!

timeenutlatte said...

KiM: Wahehe..I chose the most unlikely plot keywords eh. But still, some are just giveaways. Cake lang yan. Ako pa.

AthensDLR said...

2. Serendipity
6. Cruel Intentions
8. Elizabethtown
9. Top Gun
10. As Good As It Gets

iyan kasi iyong mga obvious mong peborit. iyong iba hindi ko na alam. haha...

timeenutlatte said...

2. Serendipity
6. Cruel Intentions
8. Elizabethtown
9. Top Gun

Salamat kay Jai at sumikat ang Meme na ito. Hehehe. Hmm..yep that's why I told Kim na cake lang yun nasa list. 10's not right, dear. Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

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