Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Will Blueberry do the Trick?

One time she told me she loved blueberries. So I’m thinking, if I bring her baked treats with blueberries, will she once again be warm towards me?

Just when you thought you were making progress, classic yet again. Last week was quite okay except for one sucky thing. A certain someone was giving me the cold shoulder all throughout the week until the very last day. Occasional “hi’s” and acknowledgements were present but I’m not stupid not to notice that they were all somewhat forced.

What happened? One day we’re all friendly and responsive, and then all of a sudden, I’m not worthy anymore. Now, I get that a lot, but usually not that sudden. And I usually feel if something’s up and take off at the first hint of “go away.” I’m thinking because certain individuals have nothing better to do than to constantly tease us, which, for me, is good stuff! Obviously, not for her. It kinda got awkward. And not the “awkwardness” that one hopes for.

So, faced with this dilemma of seeing her for at least five hours every day, I need to fix this. I tried the weekend apology through messaging and I got zilch. Grrr…I don’t wanna lose a good friend over my stupidity and foolishness. If it means that I need to stop jeering her with my “paramdam” comments, then I will stop. And probably bring her blueberry cheesecake, hoping it will do the trick.


Kadz said...

Yeah, I notice it two. Sayang naman ung friendship, among other things, because of these "pramdam comments."

I think the blueberry cake will do the trick.

timeenutlatte said...

"Friendship" lang? Hehehe. Yeah, I miss her actually. (Remove that smirk, reader) It's no secret naman that I dig her but I guess too much foolishness reigned over seriousness. Haay. Those two! Grrr!

Anyhoo..everyone I care for, you're gettin anyways, man. Tsk tsk. Some friend! Hahaha. Kiddin.

Yeah, I'll bring her that when she least expects it. (--,)