Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Of Luxuries and Accessories

I only have one luxury and that is getting my haircut.

I used to sport this really long do and people actually called me F4 in the early 2000’s, being chinito and quite fair. Tsk tsk. Everywhere I go back then, people would actually bring down their side windows and shout, “Daw Ming Shu!” My gad, if people would actually concentrate on their driving rather than noticing useless stuff on the road, then there would be lesser accidents and fewer Lindsey Lohans.

But back to my hair. As I’ve said, it’s the only luxury that I have and I don’t have any plans of letting it go. I go to Bench Fix Hair Salon in Glorietta. I have a stylist there, Mike. He is probably the only straight male stylist there. Yes, he’s a guy, probably a former barber. He’s been cutting my hair for five years now. And honestly, we haven’t really exchanged more than 100 words tops over that five-year span. It’s like, he just asks, “What style this time?” I reply, “Just the usual.” And the next words would be “Thank you,” after I pay for my haircut. But all the same, he’s the only one I trust my crowning glory with. He’s the expert in messing up my hair to make it in place, gets?

I consider it a luxury because it’s kinda expensive. I know, I know. Why not just go to ordinary barbers? But as I’ve said, I don’t trust my hair to other people. My hair’s really important to me and I gots to take care of it well. And it has a certain style that only those kinds of salons offers. Besides, I always enjoy going to salons. Like yesterday, I went there for my haircut, and surprise, surprise--at the back from where I was sitting, sits Anne Curtis. Yeah, that pretty actress with the accent. Goddess, man. She’s really, really fair. Almost like bond paper. Haha. We had a moment, I think. When I was about to be shampooed, we gazed into each other’s eyes and that’s it. Haha. No background music there.

There was also these two German really hot girls. They’re probably models. The kind of chics that you take with you as dates on parties and get-togethers. They’re the perfect accessories. Cutscene: birthday dinner of a friend, you arrive kinda late, you bring the girl. You enter the scene saying, “Uhh, guys, girlfriend ko.” LOL!! And you repeat that line to all of the people there just to show off what a lucky bastard you are. Wishful thinking, I know. They’re too tall for me anyways. Haha!

So my point? As always, none, really. Just making the most out of my Mondays and making it interesting even if it’s not. Yeah! I should’ve probably told Anne to ditch that Sam Milby guy and hook up with me. Nyahahaha!


nightsky said...

But all the same, he’s the only one I trust my crowning glory. He’s the expert in messing up my hair to make it in place, gets?

Me too. I entrust my hair to only one stylist. Unfortunately she's in NZ - it's been five months since my last haircut. Her kids are still here, so she'll still be back to get them, just don't know when. Baka Rapunzel na ako ay hindi pa rin sya umuuwi! T_T

timeenutlatte said...

Should've taught her kids her skills. Hehe. You never know.

Kadz said...

You should have gotten a better shot with Anne Curtis, you know? Inaproach mo sna and asked for a kodak moment then gave my number after. Mwheheheh. Kidding aside, at least you're meticulous with your hair. I am too, if you call going to have my locks cut every 4 or 6 months meticulous. I might say goodbye to it soon when I finally get to work in a rehab clinic or hospital :(

timeenutlatte said...

Yeah, I know you like Anne. Hehe. Sure, man. I got your back. Kaw nga "wingman" ko di ba. Anne's yours. Okay na ko dun sa dalawang tiga-Alemanya. Woo. Kaso baka naman giyerahin ako ni "sugar."

What about your "dreads?!" (--.)