Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Scribbles XII

FOOD: Your weird food combinations
March 30, 2008

Fried food goes with Catsup
I was brought up by my Ninong and he was like a father to me while I was growing up. So, naturally, I inherited his weird traits and food combinations. His number one rule: any fried dish goes well with catsup. So there, as long as it’s fried and will kill you when you grow up, dip it into catsup. My fave: Chicharon with catsup and Bangus with catsup.

Tim’s Instant Heart Attack Rice Bowl
We were given this industrial size canister of grated Parmesan cheese and bottle of Ranch-style dressing. One evening, I was served ground beef and rice. I decided to use the cheese and dressing. Don’t want them to go to waste so I mixed the rice with margarine, added the ground beef, poured dressing, added catsup, and topped it with bacon bits and lots of Parmesan cheese: all into a bowl. It’s my favorite instant dinner nowadays. I recommend two bowls if you really wanna feel lightheaded.

Absolut Vodka with Biko as pulutan
What do you do when you’re having session with friends and you guys ran out of pulutan? Raid the kitchen! We found this fresh bilao of biko and decided it will do. We’re too lazy and too cheap to buy roasted chicken outside anyways. It adds flavor to the vodka and you get to sleep really early after a couple of shots. Hehehe.

French Fries and Ice Cream
Pizza with Chocolate syrup
I hate soggy fries. But there’s something about fries and ice cream that I enjoy. Basic flavors will do and the fries should be extra crispy. And the second part would be pizza drizzled with chocolate syrup. It just gets weirder and weirder, doesn’t it?

Well, the topic is food again. Contrary to popular belief, I love food and food makes me happy. It’s probably the only thing that sustains my happiness nowadays. So I’m sharing with you some of the weird food combinations that I constantly enjoy and still can’t figure out why I do. Buon Appetito.

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nightsky said...

Absolut Vodka with Biko as pulutan

Bwahaha! How desperate can you guys get? =p

timeenutlatte said...

Bwahaha! How desperate can you guys get? =p

Seriously desperate! Hehehe. There was this other session. Again, forgot to buy pulutan. We only had tasty bread. Hahaha. Brandy and tasty bread. Tsk tsk.