Friday, May 23, 2008

American Idol Season 7

You think after five seasons, I’d be jaded by American Idol season finales. But after pretty boy Seacrest announced “Cook” after “David,” it was freakishly surreal. Like my friend reiterated in his entry (here), the result was totally unexpected. Yes, we we’re all rooting for the winner, but we all made peace that talented and gay Archie will win this season. Think about it, legions of 13-year-old girls all worshiping the young crooner against a laid-back rocker guy. But I am really happy.

In a finale that is laden with some “weird” choice of guests, may I say that the Top 12 this time around were really used up from singing? Talk about performance after performance! They barely have time changing dresses for their next performance. My favorite part I will explain in the next paragraph, but I need to mention “The Pips” show. A CGI video showing Gladys Knight and her “Pips”: Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey Jr. dancing and grooving it up 70’s style. I was really laughing to the verge of spilling my coffee (Yeah, I woke that early that I had time to brew coffee)! And also worth mentioning is Renaldo Lapuz’s “I Am Your Brother” piece together with the University of South Carolina’s cheerleaders and band. At least this time around, the AI gimmick of making rejects perform was actually not annoying. Good sport, man. Seal, Donna Summers, Jonas Brothers (sheesh!), ZZ Top, One Republic, George Michael, and the one I enjoyed among the guests, Bryan Adams, performs. Idol winners, Jordin Sparks and showing what made her the most popular American Idol, Carrie Underwood, were also present and gave great performances.

And for my favorite part of the program: Carly Smithson and Michael John’s duet of “The Letter” by The Box Tops. Ryan said it’s only fitting that they let these two, who went ahead before time, perform together and show the world why I believe that they should be the ones battling it out in the finale. Funny thing about AI Finales, when you see your chosen idol, (usually not in the final two), you just can’t help but feel such a waste of talent. And again, if I may, the finalist are looking mighty fine, especially the ladies. Only Brooke’s a little off, but that’s her magic. Ramiele, Amanda, Syesha (hot!) and (I heart you) Kristy, in their red dress episode, oh yeah! Carly, of course, is the most gorgeous but we’ve already established that. Again, Carly and MJ will always be my Season 7 American Idols (even if they’re both not Americans).

And finally, to the “Idol” this season, congratulations, David Cook. You deserve it. You overcame creepy little girl-fans of Archie Boy and you stayed true to yourself. I think it’s safe to say that you will be remembered as one of the “best idols” that came out top in the finals. Before this season starts the hype was that “this is probably the best batch of idol hopefuls they have ever discovered.” Midway through the season, me, and lots of people doubted that. After it concluded, watching them 12 all being great, I must say that indeed, this batch is one for the history books. Not my favorite batch ever, but one of the best and most talented group of idols to date. American Idol, see you in January!

(--,) Photos from Yahoo! News


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that Pips segment was funny. I found Black the funniest among the three though. Hehe.

I'll change the photo I posted on my blog. I'll also get the pic with Carly and MJ on it. Hehe. I'll copy the properties here. Teehee.

Yeah, Idol, see you January..


timeenutlatte said...

I like Iron Man the best. Very casual with hips and arms swawying. Hehehe. It's a plug for a new movie methinks.

With so many choices you take my picture? Tsk tsk. Harhar. Yeah, I will miss those two! Hope they make it big and MJ overcomes his cancer.

Let's audition next season. (--,)