Monday, May 5, 2008

A Quite Perfect Sunday

I just had one of the bestest Sundays ever, and I was at the office. Now, that’s a feat. Yes, it’s a Sunday and I had to report to office today. A colleague requested to swap schedules with me so she could have her vacation, which is fine by me because it’s my turn to have a long weekend next week. Anyway, nothing really jump-0ut-of-your-seat moments, it’s just that I enjoyed the day.

Well, I woke up very early to hear mass and it’s been a while since I went to mass on a Sunday morning. We usually hear mass after lunch or night time because I don’t like waking early on first day of the week. Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest. Even God decided to take a breather on this glorious day. So usually I gain consciousness when its time for our weekly brunch, but I wasn’t able to join the family today (sigh). The mass ended at 11:30, which means I only had 30 minutes to make it to office as my shift starts at 12 noon.

For some reason, I made it on time. I love Sundays. No traffic and stupid pedestrians. Yay! I parked at the side of our building, which is usually pointless as they will tow it at the stroke of 5:00 pm on weekdays, but since it’s a Sunday, it’s all good. I even had a small talk with the MAPSA guy. He’s inquiring about BPOs. Told him that if ever he’s interested to tell me so that I may refer him. Nyaha.

What really made my day is the fact that I was freaking alone in the office. No need to dress up and I can wear my Havs to work. On Sundays, only one supervisor is present and she’s one of them nice ones, so no problem at all. She leaves at 6:00 pm so I have the whole floor to myself. I was really productive today and even finished a two-hour video of our most hated client ever: board meetings. Yeah, I did it all by myself. Hah! Maybe because no one bothered me the whole time and no pressure at all from “The Corporation.” It is so harmonious and peaceful when they are not within reach.

Of course, I can’t end my day without my nightly ritual: hanging out with a friend for a short coffee break, which, well, may be considered as the highlight of my day. Heehee. And as cherry on my icing, Mum prepared steaks for dinner with gravy and potatoes. Gaaahh! Such a nice, nice Sunday. I just made a big deal out of pointless and bummer topic. And yet you read it through and through. (--,)


Anonymous said...

Bumabawi ka ata sa 11 blogs mo last month. Hehe. Cris just got off, went home.. stuck, stuck, stuck! Soundtrippin! LOL.


timeenutlatte said...

Mmm..I was just on a roll last night. Hehe. I would've blogged at the office but I was busy. Nyaha. Sarap noh? Ako talaga, all alone. Very solemn and peaceful.