Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunday Scribbles XVIII

TV: Boob tube crushes
May 11, 2008

Brooke Penelope Davis
One Tree Hill
Sophia Bush plays the popular, rich, promiscuous head cheerleader in the TV drama One Tree Hill. I love Brooke for obvious reasons. She, I think, is the hottest among my picks and her character and personality completes my “what I look for in a girl” list.

Blair Waldorf
Gossip Girl
She is Kathryn Merteuil on TV and Leighton Meester plays the role perfectly. The reigning Queen B of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Blair gets what she wants, when she wants it. “B” is the perfect mix of wealth and arrogance, and yet, very difficult to hate her. Hmm…the kind that I wanna bring home to the parents.

Robin Scherbatsky
How I Met Your Mother
Cobie Smulders is the news anchor and sort of anti-hero of my choices. She never wants to have children, she doesn’t want to commit, and she’s enjoying her life the way it should be enjoyed. What a perfect, perfect woman!

Samantha Jane Marquez
Las Vegas
Probably the best reason to watch Las Vegas: Vanessa Marcil plays the self-proclaimed best hostess of a casino in the known free world. Every patron or guy in the show tries to hit on her, who wouldn’t? Yeah, this one’s in, also, for obvious reasons.

Kate Austen
Evangeline Lilly is one hot survivor and female lead of the hit series Lost. She has this complicated background but then again, so is the show. Based from the flash forwards from the latest season, it made me like her more.

Cameron Phillips
Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
Summer Glau rocks as the Terminator sent back in time to protect the leader of the human race from the…well, I made an entry about it so just read it there. Cameron is not human and is made from the hardest minerals known to man. But that doesn’t take away the fact that she’s gorgeous and pretty in every way. She may “terminate” me any time.

Sarah Walker
CIA Agent Walker is portrayed by a relatively newcomer Aussie actress, Yvonne Strahovski. From all of the characters that I’ve adored since 90210, Sarah Walker is the “One.” For some reason, I fell in love with her probably because she fell for the unexpected, which never happens in real life. Hehehe. Anyway, I’m excited to see if Chuck and Sarah’s “relationship” progresses and hope it does.

Hmm…great topic, Keem. We all have our shares of our literary character ideals. Too bad, I can’t seem to find the words to make explain further why I chose these girls. But all in all, they are my fictional love interests and the subject of my dreams.

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