Saturday, May 3, 2008

Of Factions & Retroactives

Back in the ‘90s, factions were a big hit in the wrestling world. Two prominent groups were those of Vince McMahon’s The Corporation and D-Generation X, the resident troublemakers. There came a point where these two stables were feuding with each other, often, with humorous banters and of course, scripted violence. What’s the deal? Well, nothing really. It’s just that this is what I’m feeling and seeing with everything right now. Well, you got “The Corporation,” which of course is headed by the higher people and their minions. They are strong and probably invincible, but then again, there’s still…us.

I can’t say that we’re D-X since we don’t really resort to troublemaking and property damage when retribution is required. I think “The Hart Foundation” is more appropriate since we, what’s left of us, treat each other as family. Bottom line: the whole thing is split into two factions and it’s just cool to imagine epical sequences and suggestions of what’s really a boring situation. Gots to recruit some heroes and heroines now for the sake of this never-ending battle between good and evil.

What else? Ah, yes. No physical evidence that I’ve been through three getaways. Sure I have hundreds of images but not a hint of tanned skin that should serve as my proof. Which reminds me, I haven’t written my Mean Boys Getaway review yet. Too much idleness is tiring.

Lost, Gossip Girl, and One Tree Hill are back after their respective season breaks. So, yet again, I’m feeling all independent from Lost; jerk-y in a sense because of Gossip Girl; and daydreaming romance due to Tree Hill’s characters. Sheesh.

Ooh, this one’s important: I am feeling screwed. Those pieces of white paper with words “Congratulations, you are a lucky winner of [amount here] because you’re such an asset…” were handed out and I did not get one. The retroactive salary adjustment mania just took place and lots of us didn’t even get to experience it. It’s never about the money, but a little recognition wouldn’t hurt either.

Abdel met this chic online who’s giving us invites to the hottest spots and events in town. I am not the type who misses out on these opportunities. Too bad I’m feeling a bit under the weather or else I ain’t writing right now but rather hooking up with a hot one, (it could happen!) Next week, I swear. We shall go clubbing.

And lastly, like what Eunice said, “Go for the Silver.” It’s back and I’m okay with it.

There you go. I have so much things in my mind that I just had to share/bum you guys out. I have lots more but since I need my rest (I’m sick) they’ll just hafta wait…


Kadz said...

Abdel met this chic online who’s giving us invites to the hottest spots and events in town.

Wehehe. First name basis ah. Who is this guy?!? B-)

timeenutlatte said...

Hmm..intentionally written to protect the "image" of that guy/gurl. Wehehehe. I'm ready for the clubbing tho'. I'ma look for some "hot" couture tomorrow. Nyaha.