Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crisp and Cool Weather

Wow, I feel like writing. And I don’t have any topic in mind so I’m just gonna let my fingers do all the work and continuously type words even if it doesn’t make any sense at all. The weather is crisp and cool. Here I am, awaken very early, with my two mugs of coffee. You see, due to the nature of my Friday night gimiks, I had to make this deal with Mum. I hafta sleep early the whole week so I could stay up however late I want to on Friday nights-slash-Saturday morning. I started last night and the results are catastrophic. I was in bed by 12:300am and fell (somewhat) unconscious around 2:00. Woke up several times for reasons that I’m really not used to sleeping that early. Damn! Well at least I get to listen to “Good Times with Mo.” Missed those bastards!

The things I will do to enjoy my God-given young life. Hmm…what else? Yeah, I’ve been wanting to catch a movie in theaters. Last time I watched a feature film in the silver screen was February, if I’m not mistaken--the movie was “Cloverfield.” It’s that season once again where the pre-summer movies are being shown to hype the viewers. On my list: “Iron Man,” “Indiana Jones IV: Kingdom of Crystal Skull,” “Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian,” and even the Hollywood version of “My Sassy Girl.” To my lady friends, I’m pretty sure you got your “Sex in the City the Movie” date covered so I won’t bother. Please! Someone take me to the movies.

I’ve watched Disney’s “Hercules” last night and I will say this, and mustn’t repeat it again, it may be the one movie that switches on the waterworks in my system. For some reason (and a corny one at that), that animated feature really hits me. No, I don’t have this hero complex and I’d rather use my brains (hah!) with Herculean tasks. It’s just the combination of my favorite subject ever, which is Greek Mythology (write about this someday, I will), and romance and Disney and the hot Meg, well, *sighs*.

Already 9:30 am and I think NBA’s about to start so I need to wrap this up. I’ve gotta prepare anyways. Thanks for about three minutes of your precious time. Next time I’ll try writing with direction and topic. There’s this thing in me that wants to be written but I just couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Hmm…


keem said...

with my two mugs of coffee

Adik! Palpitate na ako nyan. Kaya I limit myself to drinking one cup a day lang.

timeenutlatte said...

Haynaku Keem. Three cups sa isang breakfast ang average ko. Brewed pa yun. And then countless cups the whole day. Kaya ang aking shakyness sobra-sobra nanaman. I was wondering kanina why my hands were so nanginginig. Tsk tsk. I think ish time to lay off the caffeine once again. Yun eh kung kaya ko. Hehehe.