Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Bedan Watcher

Never really am a fan of advocacies and I’m not about to start now. I just find this so-called “Bedan Blogger” to be interesting. I’m pretty sure he ain’t popular with the Bedan Admin with his “Bedan Conspiracies” and what he writes and his outlook on the current “changes” and “purge” that is happening in our beloved Den nowadays. And he has every right to voice out his opinions through blogs and entries. But knowing the monks that run our school, the sword is mightier than the keyboard on this instance.

I neither support you nor diss you off. But from one blogger to another, I respect what you’re doing. As long as you get your facts right and you’re not trying to besmear our beloved heritage and rich traditions. And I do hope you’re a “pure-blooded” Bedan to add some credibility.

To my fellow Bedans, you might find this an interesting read. Again, I’m not about to support this guy, but it’s always better to know both sides of the story. Click the picture above.

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