Wednesday, May 21, 2008

There She Goes

There she goes
There she goes again
Racing through my brain
And I just can't contain
This feeling that remains

I’m choosing this song popularized by Sixpence over Nikki Gil’s “Sakayan Ng Jeep.” Hehehe. For the past few months, my commuting experience just got pretty interesting. Every Tuesday, if I don’t go all classic me and actually leave at 11:00 am for office, I get to witness and feel the best part of my day even if it’s just starting. I used to call her “Tuesday Girl” since I get to ride her, I mean, with her on my way to work. Basically, I ride the same tricycle with her and the same jeepney with her. She rides the tricycle which means she lives near my area. Cool!

What makes this girl special? Well, for one thing, she can give Anne Curtis a run for her money. She’s a plainer version of the famous local star, but she’s gorgeous nonetheless. Very hot girl, although the braces thing is kind of a drag and her scent is pretty rather “familiar,” but hey, I ain’t interested in the braces and I’ll survive the coconuts. I’m after the whole package! Mwahaha! I wonder what approach I can take? My wingman says that I should pay for her fare, but methinks that’s too forward? The opportunity will present itself, I’m sure. If only we have the same get-off point. I go down ahead of her so I ain’t really sure where her destination is. I know she’s a student so perhaps, Taft?

I’ve been meaning to write about her but the opportunity never presented itself until this morning. (It’s Wednesday today so I guess she’s not “Tuesday Girl” anymore!) No, I did not meet nor hook up with her. In due time, my friends. It’s just that this morning, I was literally beside her in the tryk, (ooh!) and was in front of her during the jeepney ride. (Creep!)

Anyway, I don’t want to sound like a creep and a psycho, and technically, I ain’t stalking her since public transports are for, well, the public. It’s just total admiration and possible infatuation. Haven’t we all watch movies with this kind of plot? So, it could happen! It could!

PS: My wingman will probably relate to this entry. But I’ma let him tell you guys his version. [Giggles]


Anonymous said...

I used to call her “Tuesday Girl” since I get to ride her, I mean, with her on my way to work.

Nyahaha. Funny. I'll write about it when I get to see her sa "Sakayan ng Jeep."


timeenutlatte said...

Here's hoping that you make "eye-contact" with her again. And you be beside her on the bus, standing, and cue the background music [Why do birds, suddenly appear...] Hahaha.