Sunday, May 4, 2008

Godspeed, "Sisig Queen"

Alright! I just found out about this and I was really affected by this news. Lucia Cunanan, the mother of the most popular native appetizer that everyone enjoys, Sisig, was murdered!!!

Mum went on a road trip to Pampanga with her old colleagues to visit one of my titas. So, obviously, she asked me what I wanted for “pasalubong” and I immediately replied, “Sisig!” Pamps is known for their sisig and no one cooks them better than those Kapampangans. My buddies and I, literally, drive all the way to Angeles City just to eat at the riles, or tracks, where carinderias with sisig as their specialty are side by side. No one beats Aling Lucing’s though. We seriously go there just to eat with just the shirts on our bodies and some liters of sodas so that we can go bottomless.

I was really excited to go home tonight because I know there’s a piping hot plate of sisig with my name of it. Imagine my surprise when instead of a platter of the famous dish, Mum brought home imported goodies from Duty Free and a box of Krispy Kremes. (Not complaining, mind you). Been a while since I went shopping at Duty Free and I missed stateside products. I got Kool Aid, SPAM, chocolates, “lampas singkwenta pesos na tsitsirya,” coffee, and other cool stuff. But still, where’s my sisig?

Imagine my surprise when Mum said that it’s useless to buy sisig now since Aling Lucing’s already dead. I was like, “Oh, old age finally caught up with her, huh.” Only to find out that she was slain, murdered, stabbed 10 freaking times. Mum said it was all over the news, but being the caveman that I am, count on me to hear about it after a month has passed. And to think, the whole of Pampanga is grieving for this tragedy.

This sucks! That lady is a legend. She pioneered and invented a dish that stole the hearts, not only of Filipinos, but of people from all over the world. “Sisig” is one of the best concoctions ever discovered and that’s saying something, on my part, since I’m not really into native dishes. Whoever killed her, may you burn in hell. You took away a legend and the sisig industry will never be the same again.

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