Saturday, May 17, 2008


Alright, it’s a little late to be writing about this but then again, better late than late, right? My Mum is…well, interesting. I’m very close to her for about 96% of my life here on Earth. Hmm…probably because my Dad was the kind who works hard to provide for his family so he was never really around during my childhood. Eventually caused their separation but that’s another story and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mum is not your average mother. She was very young when she had me. (About the same age as I am now…that’s why she’s afraid that I might follow her suit! Haha! Yeah, right!) She was that young that I never had any siblings (to my delight, of course. Hey, I get to be the sole heir!) She doesn’t fight crime nor pass laws but she’s cool in her own little ways. Her cousins go to her for advices about parenting, which I find kinda weird because they’re older. But then again, she’s open-minded and gives great guidance (that the elders in my family disapprove of) but most of the time; she’s right on the money.

She could’ve been a doctor, and she was on the path to becoming one. But, lo and behold, I exist. She opted to take care of me rather than pursue this medical career. I, on the other hand, would want her to be in that profession because I know she’s better off saving people’s lives. Yes, I would not be here right now if that happened but she’ll be living her dream. I told her about this and she always tells me that if I weren’t a part of her life, yes, she may be living her dream, but she’ll always have this feeling of empty space inside, and tells me that only motherhood can fill. I don’t buy it. It’s the 21st century, man. Hehehe. And she was the “blacksheep” of the family so when I came out, my grandma praised all the saints and souls in the purgatory that finally her daughter will have some important responsibilities to fulfill.

She was born in the year of the Tiger, which reflects her attitude and disposition. When I was a kid, she’d never scold me but she’ll use a more effective way of disciplining me: silent treatment. Smart, I know. Kids are a sucker for affection and attention so being the naïve idiot that I was, I eventually succumbed to her wishes. It’s all good though. She’s strong and I like it. Even if all of my friends were terrified of her, they respected and looked up to her. That doesn’t apply to certain “girls.” No argument there. I am his unico hijo and she’s just being protective. So, girls, pass your resumes and pray hard because Mum’s a tough HR. Haha!

I have lots of stories about Mum and what I’ve written doesn’t cover all the great things that she had shown me through the years. This doesn’t even count as a tribute because I basically divulged some silly facts about her. But you get my point. I just wanted to write something about her because it was Mother’s Day last Sunday. Love ya, Mum.


keem said...

Cool mum :) May pinagmanahan ka naman pala. Sayang yung pagdodoktor nya. Mom ko naman gusto sanang mag-nurse noong araw kaso lang they weren't well off. Pero at least cool pa rin title nya: Assistant Scientist. B-)

timeenutlatte said...

May pinagmanahan ka naman pala.
What's that suppose to mean? Hehehe. Honestly, mas mabait ako sa kanya, in some ways. :-P
Mum's a chemist now. Hmm, and so is my dad. Come to think of it they're both scientifically able whilst I..well, basta! Haha. Hey, anyone who has a "scientist" title to her credit is cool to me.

Kadz said...

Belated to your mom! I just met her once, sa Mercury pa, and I know she's a cool person, and a mom at that! Plus, she thought that I was just out of a brawl from the way I looked to her (my scruffy-looking self speaking). Wehehe.

timeenutlatte said...

Scruffy looking guy. Hehehe. Well, "their generation" do not understand that the "scruffy" types are what's in nowadays. Her time was in the early '80s, and we all know how bad the styles are back then. Nyahaha! Thanks thanks! I know all our Mums are cool in their own lil ways. (--,)