Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Well, I had this 3-day rest day yet again. Only this time, I did not go anywhere. I mean, seriously. I confided and barricaded myself inside the house for more than 60 hours or so. Hence, the Not-so-Memorial weekend. No, I’m not sick nor I’m hiding from someone. It’s just that I’m near broke and I’m kinda saving up for my lavish Friday nightouts. Hehehe.

If not for me picking up my cuz at Makati Sports Club last Saturday night and me hearing mass yesterday afternoon, I would’ve been a bonafide homebody. And I have no qualms whatsoever about that. I’ve always enjoyed just making “tanga” inside the house. Seriously, idle! Not one productive moment whatsoever. I think the only accomplishment I made this weekend is I cleaned out my fone inbox and sent items. That’s it. Can’t even wash my own dishes and clean Charley (it’s raining!) Talk about being a sloth.

Mum said I’m living the good life. Eating hearty meals, having coffee after (I ran out of coffee…oh my god!), sleeping and waking up whenever I want to, and partying till lunchtime the day after. And yes, I totally agree. It’s what I should be doing anyways, right? I mean, who’s gonna stop me? I have two ideas. Then again, I don’t think they’re about to stop me. Probably just icings on cake. Vague right? Yeah, my bestfriend told me that too. So? I was born vague. Hah!

Ooh, something excited happened over the weekend. The world welcomes Elaisha Marielle Abad. Erik and Mitch had finally met their daughter after Mitch’s 18-hour labor. Congratulations, my man! Now we really are “kumpares.” I’m Ninong! Woohoo!

To our beloved Veterans, I give you the Tim-Oh-Tee Two-Hand Salute!
Happy Memorial Day!

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